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I got started in the plumbing profession in 1986.  My parents were having their main bath remodeled and stepfather arranged an interview with the plumbing company.  Plumbing became an enjoyable career.

My experience is in new construction and remodel,  I enjoys remodeling projects the most.  Being able to assist homeowners creating a new space in their home is extremely rewarding.  My business philosophy is based on the golden rule, “Treat your customer the way you would like to be treated.”

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Any bulbs replacement

Minor repairs of electrical

Plumbing services

Painting and whitewashing

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Kitchen & Bath

Hire a Plumber$24.00 & up
Install a Water Main$30,00 & up
Install a Sewer Main$30,00 & up
Install a Sink$28.00 & up
Install a Bathtub$40.00 & up
Install a Shower$20.00
Install or Replace a Toilet$25.00 & up
Remodel a Kitchen$25.00 & up
Remodel a Bathroom$45.00 & up
Build a House$35.00 & up
Install New Plumbing Pipes$22.00 & up
Repair a Toilet$14.00

Painting Interior & Exterior

Paint a Home Interior or Room$4.50 each
Buttons holes$16.50 each
Paint a Metal Roof$6.50 each & up
Paint a Mural or Tromp Loeil$15.00 each & up
Paint a Home Exterior$20.00 each & up
Install a Fence$18.50 each & up
Install a Door$40.00 & up
Install Siding$50.00 & up
Install Trim$12.00 & up
Refinish Furniture$10.00

Lighting & Electrical

Hire an Electrician$45.00 & up
Install Electrical Wiring or Panel$55.00
Install an Appliance$75.00 & up
Install an Outlet$60.00 & up
Install a Switch$35.00 each
Remodel Multiple Rooms$175.00 & up


Build an Addition$17.50
Install an Electric Vehicle Charging Station$22.50
Install an Electric Fence$22.50
Install Lightning Protection$27.50
Refinish Furniture$22.50
Upholster Furniture$22.50
Clean Upholstery or Furniture$39.00
Build Furniture$27.50

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  • You has really helped our business. I am completely blown away. You impressed me on multiple levels. I love You.

  • I don't always clop, but when I do, it's because of You.


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  • Nice work on your You. The best on the net! You is awesome!


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