How to start blogging?  Many people asking how to start blogging? Firstly you need to know about what to write but so seriously. The first fundamental question is which platform to create our blog. The first question is whether we want to take advantage of all ready-made platform or create your own. In the case of the second variant we need a lot of time and skill which in most cases does not make sense. So if you've established that we use the first option that remains is to what ?. In the whole group finished blogs emerge and the two are GHOST THUMBLR. I chose Ghost, and why did the next post.

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This is actually the most important step of all: some website builders are easy to use and reputable, others are unnecessarily complicated or too expensive, and many more are just not very good. Here’s a hint: go with a company you trust, one that has been reviewed in the news and which has a lot of users.

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If you’re a business, an attractive header photo at the top of your website serves to help brand your website. If you’re making a personal website, header images introduce visitors to you and your personality.

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