People often wonder if the nanny is hard work? The answer is yes, but why? Those who possess their children will recognize me right, because children are very, very, very unpredictable. It is not so that the nanny sitting alone with the baby. This constant focus on the child, because the child at any moment can come up with “brilliant” idea so that you can hurt yourself. At the same time nanny must be all the time “chillin”, so that the child can feel at ease and well hanging out of separation from parents.

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“Bad kids” but are you sure? It often happens that I get as a nanny on “bad kids” but very rarely this is the case. So what’s the problem? The problem lies in the fact that the child does not always understand why someone was left with a stranger, and his parents were out of the house. It is afraid that was abandoned and in its own way fighting the “enemy” in this case with me. In such cases, as gently explain to the child that is not true and that his parents will soon return.

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As parents we spend so much of our time talking to our kids — and then wonder why they don’t seem to hear us. In heated moments, we find ourselves stuck in power struggles, but can’t figure out what to say to stop the fighting. Sometimes we just don’t know how to answer a tough question.

Why can talking with kids be so hard? “The basic challenge is that parents very often speak without understanding how their children receive the message,” says Michael Thompson, Ph.D., co-author ofRaising Cain. “We often make an assumption that our kids understand. But then we wonder, ‘Why didn’t they do what I said?'”


You don’t always know what your kids will do, but your kids should always know what you will do.

While many parent-child conversations can lead to misunderstandings, becoming an effective communicator is not only possible – it can even be fun! In this guide you will find practical ways to communicate effectively with kids of any age, using words they can hear and techniques that make sense. The information is based on successful strategies that parents and experts (many of them parents themselves) have used with kids.

Remember: There is no script to memorize or order you have to follow. Think of these easy-to-employ ideas as tools you can pull out when you need them to help you and your child understand each other. And keep in mind that there are important times when NOT talking at all may be your best option.


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